Why choose Vectron EPOS?

Vectron POS systems combine successful design with extreme robustness. They are thus resistant to dirt, flour dust or spilt liquids. All POS systems are made out of low-maintenance materials and are thus easy to clean. This makes them perfectly suitable for hygienically sensitive areas like counters in bakeries or butcher’s shops.


Vectron POS systems are designed for stability. They are built without interference-prone moving parts like fans and hard drives or unbuffered memories and are thus extremely failsafe. The non PC-based systems are perfectly protected against viruses and manipulation. Trojans don’t stand a chance.


You can store all the POS data in short intervals on a storage medium (e.g. USB-flash drive or SD-card). In an emergency you insert the storage medium to a replacement POS system, turning it into a precise copy of the failed device with just one command. It is thus possible to carry on working with minimum effort.


Instead of a common hard disk Vectron POS systems use modern flash memories like those often used in USB flash drives or MP3 players. They do not contain moving parts, are shock-resistant, save in a flash and are quickly accessible. Furthermore, flash memories boast low energy consumption and noiseless operation.

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